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Timothy Hay (Premium)

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Our premium double compressed non-GMO Timothy hay, guaranteed to be free from any drying agents! Our commitment to quality is evident in the extra care we take in personally selecting the hay from our trusted farmers. Here are a few reasons why our Timothy hay is the best choice for your animals.


  • Double compressed for maximum storage: Our Timothy hay is double compression that allows for more room in your feed rooms and more hay per bale to allow for less work moving into your barns.


  • Non-GMO and free from drying agents: We know how important it is to feed your pet only the best, which is why we use non-GMO seeds and never add any drying agents. You can trust that our Timothy hay is a healthy choice for your animals.


  • Personally selected by us: We personally visit our farmers to ensure that only the best quality Timothy hay is selected for our product. This means you can have confidence in the quality of our hay and is backed by us with a 100% satisfactory guarantee.


  • Supports your pet’s health: Timothy hay is an essential part of your animals diet, providing fiber and nutrients to support digestive health. Our high-quality Timothy hay is the perfect addition their daily diet, ensuring they get the best nutrition possible at an affordable price.


In summary, our premium double compressed non-GMO Timothy hay is the perfect choice for animal owners who want the very best for their furry friends. With our commitment to quality and personal selection process, you can trust that our Timothy hay is the healthiest choice for your pet’s diet. Try it today and see the difference!

Pricing as of 04/09/2024


Current loads are 33 bales to the ton. $735.00 per ton at $22.27 per bale.

Average Weight per bale 60 lbs.

*Also available in shrink wrap. 24 bales per wrap, 1440 lbs average weight per wrap for $534.48

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