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Sweetlix 3-1 Salt Block

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Sweetlix 3 in 1 Pressed Block is a multi-purpose mineral and vitamin block for cattle and horses.  Sweetlix pressed blocks are formulated with high-quality minerals and vitamins that make them not only palatable but also superior to trace mineral salt blocks. 

Sweetlix Pressed Blocks are weather-resistant and can be placed in pastures with no cover feeders or bunks required.


  • Multi-purpose mineral and vitamin block for cattle and horses
  • Superior to trace mineral salt blocks
  • Palatable source of high quality minerals and vitamins
  • Available in easy to handle 40-pound pressed block
  • Weather-resistant block can be placed directly in pastures with cattle or horses
  • No costly covered feeders or bunks required


Calcium Min: 4.75%

Calcium Max: 5.75%

Phosphorus Min: 4%

Salt Min: 15%

Salt Max: 18%

Magnesium Min: 1%

Copper Min. : 40 ppm

Manganese Min: 150 ppm

Selenium Min: 21.6 ppm

Zinc Min: 130 ppm

Vitamin A Min: 100,000 IU/lb

Vitamin D3 Min: 10,000 IU/lb

Vitamin E Min: 100 IU/lb

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