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Stall Dry

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 Do you want an alternative to lime? Are you worried about the effects of ammonia on your animals and yourself?


Stall Dry Absorbent and Deodorizer is the solution! The safe way to control ammonia and moisture.


Product Details:

  • Non-toxic, non-caustic, safe to use
  • Reduces bedding costs and saves labor
  • All-natural, organic approved
  • Contains a blend of food-grade diatomaceous earth & Montmorillonite clay (Calcium Bentonite) in a granular form
  • Neutralizes ammonia while absorbing odors and moisture
  • Reduces flies & insects in the stall
  • Safe for all animals excluding reptiles or amphibians
  • Effective in stalls, barns, cages, pens, and trailers
  • 40 lb bag


How to apply to stalls and Paddocks 


  • Sprinkle a light coat over the stall floor (wood, concrete, dirt etc). Spread additional Stall DRY on wet spots until the surface is dry. Leave this in place. Finally, place the bedding in the stall.
  • Daily, as you are cleaning the stall, take out the solids and sprinkle about 16 oz on the wet spots.
  • Allow a short time to dry and put the bedding back in the stall. As a result, the bedding will usually last an extra day or so.
  • Sprinkle on manure piles regularly to reduce flies.
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