Round Bale Feeder with Roof


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Product Details
Size: 6.6’ Square
Length: 7.3’ High
Material: Galvanized steel

Product Description
-Heavy duty, metal roof, galvanized
-Removable sides with quick pin system so its easy to place round bales or sleeves into feeder
-6.6’ square
-7.3’ high
-Bars are spaced 11” apart
-Keeps hay off the ground and protects hay from getting wet

A Heavy duty round bale feeder with roof is the perfect livestock feeder for sheep, horses, cattle & goats. This type of high-end round bale feeder comes fully equipped with a galvanized metal roof and completely removable sides that make it easy to put round bales into the feeder. All sheltered round bale feeders are 6.6′ square by 7.3′ high and come with bars that are spaced 11″ apart.

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Out of stock