Purina Equine Senior Pellets

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50 lb. bag


Formulated With Outlast Gastric Support Supplement


When our equine partners and trusted companions reach their golden years, their nutritional needs change. Maintaining good health requires consistent and complete nutrition, especially when their dental condition deteriorates and they can no longer effectively chew hay or pasture.


Equine Senior® horse feed is carefully balanced with built-in hay to provide fiber that is easy to chew and digest to help meet the aging horse’s nutritional needs and support good health for years to come. When your equine partners and trusted companions reach their golden years, help support their good health for years to come with Equine Senior® horse feed, specifically made to meet the nutritional needs of the aging horse.


A carefully balanced feed with fiber built-in that is easy to chew and digest even with dental limitations, its patented formula supports the overall health of senior horses with Amplify® High-Fat Nugget to promote ideal body condition, ActivAge® for immune support and Outlast® for gastric health.


Features & Benefits


  • #1 Veterinarian Recommended Senior Horse Feed- Recommended for senior horses by four out of five equine veterinarians.
  • Exclusive ActivAge® Prebiotic Technology- Scientifically studied to support optimal immune function, mobility, and metabolic response in senior horses
  • Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Nugget- Multiple sources of fatty acids including stabilized rice bran, flaxseed, and vegetable oils help support body condition, shine and bloom
  • Outlast® Gastric Support- Scientifically shown to support gastric health and comfort
  • Supports Digestion & Health- Contains highly digestible fiber including beet pulp and hay for horses that cannot chew or digest long-stemmed forage.
  • Easy to Chew- Easy-soak™ Pellet Technology for horses with worn or missing teeth, makes a soft, easy-to-chew mash when soaked in water
  • Highly Fermentable Fiber Sources- Including beet pulp and hay to help maintain body condition and support healthy digestive function
Nutritional Analysis Snapshot:


Protein Min: 14%

Fat Min: 5.5 %

Fiber Max: 18%



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105 in stock