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Thorvin for Animals: Kelp


Introducing Thorvin Kelp for Animals: A Premiere Choice in Certified Organic Nutrient Enrichment


Experience the exceptional quality of Thorvin Kelp for Animals, the leading Certified Organic nutrient solution available today. Kelp, a natural marvel of the sea, is packed with a diverse array of vital minerals and vitamins that are often lacking in both soils and animal diets. Its versatile applications span across the realms of agriculture and various product formulations.


It’s important to note that, in line with Thorvin’s unwavering commitment to organic standards, Thorvin Kelp may contain minor traces of organic grains. This is due to their meticulous packaging process in a facility that handles organic grains.


Maintaining the well-being of your animals requires a well-rounded diet enriched with vitamins and minerals that are often deficient in today’s forages and feeds. Thorvin Kelp harnesses the power of renewable marine resources, concentrating essential minerals from ocean water. This results in a comprehensive natural dietary supplement that provides over 60 readily available vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, including vital iodine. Iodine, a crucial nutrient often lacking in soils, grasses, and feeds, is essential for supporting healthy thyroid function.


Kelps, especially those thriving in cold, mineral-rich waters with slower growth, stand as some of the most valuable seaweed species. They accumulate a wealth of essential nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and other beneficial bioactive compounds. Thorvin employs exacting methods to capture and preserve these nutrients, utilizing cutting-edge drying and storage techniques. This ensures the consistent delivery of premium products derived from these extraordinary kelps.

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