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Orchard Grass Hay

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We are always looking for new hays to offer, that’s why we have sourced our wonderful Orchard grass hay from Oregon and Washington area to offer a softer hay for your senior horse and livestock animals.

  • Orchard Grass is a highly palatable grass with a high nutrient content.
  • Orchard Grass is higher in protein (10-14%), higher in calorie content and contains the same balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus as Timothy grass. The higher calorie content of Orchard Grass is a result of higher fiber digestibility compared to Timothy Grass.
  • The high nutrient intake delivered by Orchard Grass hay translates into potentially less grain the horse would need to eat to satisfy energy and protein requirements.
  • Orchard Grass produces consistent soft texture hay that horses readily consume with minimal or no waste.

Current Pricing as of 03/22/2023-
$26.09 per bale
34 bales per ton- avg. weight per bale 60 lbs.
$887.06 per ton

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52 in stock