Nutrena Country Feeds Llama & Alpaca Feed

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Designed to be fed to growing and developing llamas and alpacas


Country Feeds® Llama & Alpaca Feed provides proper nutrition for growing and developing llamas and alpacas.


  • Highly palatable feed to encourage consumption
  • Provides balanced diet when fed with hay or forage
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support overall health


 Nutrena’s instruction for recommended feeding: 


Country Feeds® Llama and Alpaca Feed is a supplement feed designed to be fed to growing and adult maintenance llamas and alpacas on pasture and in confinement with free access to hay and/or forage.


Baby llamas (crias) should be fed in a separate creep feed area to assure access to feed.


Feed at the rate of 1-2 LB per head per day as supplement to pasture and/or free-choice hay.


Animals engaged in high levels of activity should have feeding rates increased to 2.0 – 2.5 LB per head per day as supplement to pasture and/or free-choice hay depending upon desired body condition.


Provide plenty of fresh clean water at all times.


Any changes to the feeding routine should be implemented gradually


Establish a regular vaccination and deworming program with the help of your veterinarian to ensure overall health


Placing large at stones in the bottom of feeding troughs can slow the rate of intake and aid in preventing the incidence of choke


Monitor body condition and adjust feeding levels to achieve and maintain desired body condition


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49 in stock