Equi-Lux Stabilized Rice Bran

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40 lb bag


This is extruded rice bran product that is the exact same product as others on the market such as Satin Finish, Equine Shine, Vita Bran and Natural Glo Max-E-Glo meal and pellet, but at a lower price!


The rice bran is extruded to destroy the lipase enzyme which can lead to rancidity. Because of this process, the protein, fat and natural Vit E is protected and as a result increases the quality and stability more than regular rice bran. It also reduces the amount of rice bran that needs to be fed.


**Please note: This product uses the same source of rice bran as the brands noted above, but we have not added additional calcium to balance the ca:phos ratio. With the exception of Equine Shine, our product is only “Extruded Rice Bran” without additional ingredients added.**



13% Protein
20% Fat
9% Fiber

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37 in stock