Layer Crumble 16%


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Are you looking for a premium poultry feed that’s specifically formulated for your layer hens? Look no further than our house brand 16% layer crumble!


Our feed is made with only the highest quality ingredients, carefully blended to provide your birds with the optimal balance of nutrients they need for healthy egg production. With 16% protein content, our layer crumble provides your hens with the essential amino acids they need to lay strong, healthy eggs.


You can trust that your birds will receive a consistent, high-quality diet every day, giving them the best possible chance for optimal health and egg production.


Plus, our crumble format makes it easy for your birds to digest and absorb the nutrients they need. This can help reduce feed waste and ensure that your birds get the most out of every meal.


So if you want to give your layer hens the very best in high-quality, easy-to-digest feed, try our house brand 16% layer crumble today. Your birds will thank you!

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101 in stock