Bluegrass Hay Sleeve

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Our  Bluegrass  hay is personally selected by the Alaska Hay & Feed Supply team on a  twice a year trip to Ellensburg, Washington, to ensure you only get the best quality.


    • We guarantee our hay is non-GMO and has no drying agents on the hay.
    • We ensure our hay is sourced by as few farmers as possible to ensure reliable products.
    • We Honor our commitment to our customers and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Our hay is thoroughly checked from the hay Field, hay Yard, Hay press, then our facility for a thoroughly inspected product to ensure your animals get only the best.

Pricing info as of 03/28/2024

  • Average Sleeve Weight: 810-815 lbs
  • Individual Sleeve Price: $250 per sleeve
  • Bulk Purchase (5 or more sleeves): $240 per sleeve
  • Price per Ton: Approximately $590-$600
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