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Arctic Active Blend (37/25)


Introducing our Arctic Active Blend 37/25! Designed with dog teams and performance dogs in mind.  We collaborated extensively with a nutritionist to create a blend for our active pups that meets all their dietary needs while maintaining the highest quality ingredients.
🔹 Key Features:
– 94.5% of protein from animal sources
– USDA inspected meat & liver sourcing guaranteed
– 6-7% liver in protein sourcing
– High-grade vitamin/mineral pack for peak performance, tailored for hardworking dogs
– Probiotic for optimal gut health
– Highly digestible and extremely palatable to meet the needs of hardworking dogs
– High-grade salmon oil for premium Omega 3, 6, and 9 sourcing
📦 Available in 40 lb bags
💲 Pricing:
– $71.50 retail
– $67.50 wholesale (when purchasing 25 or more bags)
We’re collaborating with teams across the state to ensure Arctic Active Blend 37/25 is the best dog food blend possible at a respectable price. Give your hardworking dogs the nutrition they deserve with our top-quality formula!
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