Alaska Hay and feed supply
Alaska Hay and feed supply

Alfalfa Hay

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Our premium Alfalfa hay is personally selected by the Alaska Hay & Feed Supply team on a twice a year trip to Ellensburg, Washington, to ensure you only get the best quality. We work with only a few select farmers to ensure your horses are only getting their hay from one field for the whole season, instead of having to worry if your hay is going to be the same or even if it will be from the same state.

    • We guarantee our hay is non-GMO and has no drying agents on the hay.
    • We guarantee our hay is sourced by as few farmers as possible to ensure reliable products.
    • We Honor our commitment to our customers and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Our hay is thoroughly checked from the hay Field, hay Yard, Hay press, then our facility.

Current Pricing as of 09.16.2022-
$24.65 per bale
33 bales per ton- avg. weight per bale 61 lbs. Per bale pricing if purchasing 1 ton or more is $24.10
$795.00 per ton

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283 in stock