Beaver Brand Alfalfa Cubes


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Available in Beaver Brand and Standlee brand 40lb bags.


A premium grade alfalfa that has been processed to make a coarsely chopped particle and then pelletized using a 1 1/4″ cube die. By utilizing a 1 ¼” cube die, it makes the sizing ideal for feeding a variety of livestock and horses.


Recommended for: Growing and underweight equine, Equine following a low carbohydrate diet/sensitivities to carbohydrates. Also an excellent option for Equine with gastric ulcers or late pregnancy or lactating mares.


Key Benefits:

  • Easy to feed and store.
  • Low Sugar/Low Starch
  • Due to the ideal size of 1 1/4″ cubes, it helps slow down aggressive eaters and creates minimal waste due to it’s ability to be easily weighed and measured to ensure accuracy.
  • Produces minimal dust.




Protein: Min 16%

Fat: Min 1%

Fiber: Max 30%



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Out of stock