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Our Story

Alaska Hay & Feed Supply is a small family-owned business established in 2012 (formerly known as “Alaska Hay Sales”) by the Baines Family. Our business began with the health and safety of our own animals.  Growing up, Dalton had almost every kind of farm animal imaginable. Goats, Sheep, Chickens, Horses, Pigs, Cattle, and Rabbits… Oh my! While his family continued to grow their critter collection, the hunt for affordable feeding products that were composed of quality ingredients and excellent sources of nutrition became nearly impossible.  The problem began when his horses were reacting to any and every kind of hay they could find available throughout Alaska. The consistency in good quality hay supply that was non-GMO and guaranteed free from drying agents was borderline non-existent. 

This desire to find the best product is what prompted the Baines family to begin their search of sourcing high-quality hay out of state. Our main focus was finding high-quality hay at an affordable price, that was low moisture, free from drying agents, non-GMO, and farmed from the same fields to ensure consistency for our critter’s diets.


Our family took a trip to Ellensburg, Washington over 13 years ago to begin building relationships with our hay suppliers and the very farmers that grow the hay we sell. Our business started out very slow at first. We started by doing only a few vans a year here and there. Once the business began to gain momentum, Dalton began his leadership role as the Owner/Operator of “Alaska Hay Sales.”  Every year since 2012, we take an annual trip to Ellensburg, Washington to pick out the hay we will be providing our clients with for the next 12 months.  When we are meeting with various farmers, we make it a priority to ensure that all the hay we select will be premium hay that we would feel proud feeding to our very own animals. 


As of 2021, our business began to expand to sell additional equine and livestock products such as feed, bedding, and supplements. Due to the great success and consistent sale of the feed products, a small business rebranding became necessary.  Effective January 01, 2022, we re-branded to “Alaska Hay & Feed Supply.”  Since rebranding, we began working with industry experts and local vets to create premium formulas that include top-quality ingredients for our very own feed line. We chose to reach out to the experts to ensure we are making premium quality products with the best ingredients, that are specifically formulated for our animals living in the Alaskan climate.

Our goal

Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with premium quality products that meet the nutritional needs necessary to maintain a healthy balanced diet for our critters.  We promise our clients peace of mind.  Every year we will travel to hand pick our hay and the ingredients in our feed.  We will meet with the farmers, the supplier, and the mills that we will be sourcing our products from to ensure that the products we provide our clients come from reputable sources.

Our philosophy

We are devoted to providing high-quality products at an affordable price. We strive to provide products that are made for Alaska with your animals in mind.

Our future

We are planning to expand our business to a full warehouse within the next 12 months.  This expansion will provide us the opportunity to keep even more products in stock for our clients.  Additionally, our proud partnership with Alaska Farm Supply will be opening up opportunities for our clients to access our products at multiple locations throughout Alaska. 

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